Reopening of Manaus, by Victor Leandro

It's not a simple point, of course. It's hard to imagine, in these days, who is satisfied in not going out even to a simple walk. On the subjective plan, the anguish grows inevitably, as in the social it lights up the risks in the account of a forsaken and unassisted population. Thus, the debate is more than pertinent.
However, the issue is in the organization of this discussed point. As in a bad syllogism, the reasoning departs from the wrong premises, that assert the preponderance of the economics. This, guided by the indiscriminately surplus-value, doesn't say anything but that the economics cannot stop. And it's ignored, in that way, the scientific warning that perceives a new peak in the numbers of cases to come in the city at the beginning of June.

What to do, then? Far from wanting here to incur the same failure of the financiers. The only reasonable position would be to elaborate a big popular forum to be organized by the scientific community, of which, with wide publicity of the public power, would demand in an irrevocable manner the minimum conditions needed for a possible reopening, after of what the society would be capable of answering if there are ways or not to obey the requisites, for only then reopen what is possible, In that manner, we would have not only an articulated array of actions but also we would conduct the individuals for a higher clearance.

Yet, to the light of the current frame, those answers, despite being obvious, they sound not realistic. It's most likely that the decisions will be taken by marketers groups. As for the people, those are left to wane and to be delivered in the sacrifice of the market and the money. That is what the official statement warns us.